AHSA Strategy

The Alentejo in general, and the Mira Irrigation Perimeter in particular, are living a sensitive moment within the scope of its internal development. The attraction of investment in agriculture and tourism, coupled with challenges related to the sustainability of the entire region, leads AHSA and its associates to face five targets in their near horizon.


  • Water availability
  • Infrastructure, Public and Private
  • Negative perception by environmental organizations, some media, and public opinion
  • Inefficiency of the various territory management instruments of Alentejo and Costa Vicentina
  • Portugal’s Strategic Plan under the Common Agricultural Policy


  • In-depth diagnostic studies of the state of the territory – natural resources; environment; human resources; the economic impact of agricultural activity
  • Deepen communication channels with regulatory and decision-making entities
  • Establish a continuous communication plan
  • Contribute to the formation of the associates
  • Strengthen financial structure by strengthening resources.