Being an Associate

Being part of AHSA is an opportunity to, together with other agricultural companies, respond to the challenges of the sector for a more balanced and sustainable future.

What do we offer our Associates?

  1. Institutional representation
  2. CCT
  3. Protocols with entities in various areas, such as training, health, services, R&D
  4. Information and constant updating in the most varied subjects
  5. Participation in exclusive initiatives for members

What do we expect from our Associates?

  1. Signature of the Code of Conduct
  2. Participation and cooperation in initiatives and projects proposed by AHSA
  3. Contribution with knowledge in projects that integrate the agricultural sector
  4. Enhancing the value of AHSA, its members and potential new members

Membership Conditions

AHSA membership has an annual fee depending on the previous year’s turnover

Membership Steps

  1. Get to know our Bylaws and the Conditions of Membership
  2. AHSA’s visit to the Company
  3. Fill out the Enrollment Form
  4. Approval at Board Meeting
  5. Short presentation at the General Assembly